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    We make coding
    Learn by doing
    Code like you are texting
    Code anywhere, anytime
    DISCLAIMER: We do not code with blocks
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    Meet the Founder

    “I built KidzIdeaz, a web application for kids to capture, share, build and even sell their ideas, when I was 12 years old. I had a ton of fun building the app and wanted other kids to have the same experience and so KidzIdeazTECH was born.

    KidzIdeazTECH is a movement for kids that is run by kids. It provides kids with a fast, fun, and easy way to learn to code and build cool apps. It's completely free! All you need is a laptop and access to the internet.

    My code base is available to all kids so that they can enhance KidzIdeaz or use it to build their own apps.“

    Nathaniel, 14 years old

Our Mission

Making computer science cool



Learn by doing

Unlike summer coding classes or coding-by-blocks, our new approach enables you to learn professional coding at home. Start writing code immediately and quickly contribute to live applications. Get access to information and mentors to help you along the way.



Code like you are texting

Have fun building apps with other kids located anywhere on the planet. Make changes to your code and everyone instantly sees your changes appear on their screen. Save your code and your application immediately gets rebuilt and available for use.



Code anywhere, anytime

All you need is a computer (even a Chromebook will do) and internet access in order to begin coding. You're able to work on your team's app from any computer, anywhere - your home, school, cafe or even the beach.

Our Curriculum

Over the course of the 6 month Novice League program, students are introduced to






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How We Learn

At KidzIdeazTECH, kids learn by doing and sharing, not by rote-memorization and irrelevant tests


Kids learn through curriculum videos and mentor guidance


Kids complete challenges to build their app


Kids continuously collaborate with their team

Supported by the learning system with:



You never have to struggle with a coding problem. With the click of a button you have instant access to an AI-backed support system that can help you solve your problem, give you examples for how to code something, and direct you to relevant curriculum videos.


KidzIdeazTECH has 4 leagues: Novice, Apprentice, Expert, and Leader. Kids start the novice league with no coding experience, and finish being able to build an app. As kids progress past Novice League, they complete more complex activities, like mentoring teams and learning deep concepts such as AI and Blockchain


The built in chat system makes collaborating with your team members easy. With extra features like emoji, polls, stickers, and more, working together is fun!

KidzIdeazTECH has programs across The United States, India, China, and Colombia.

and students across 7 US States


Gurukul Public School

KidzIdeazTECH is working with students from the Gurukul Public School, located in a rural village in India.

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KidzIdeazTECH is, and always will be, free for anyone under 18.

Above the age of 17? Check out CodingPeepz.

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