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    We make coding
    Learn by doing
    Code like you are texting
    Code anywhere, anytime
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    DISCLAIMER: We do not code with blocks
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    Meet the Founder

    “I built KidzIdeaz, a web application for kids to capture, share, build and even sell their ideas, when I was 12 years old. I had a ton of fun building the app and wanted other kids to have the same experience and so KidzIdeazTECH was born.

    KidzIdeazTECH is a movement for kids that is run by kids. It provides kids with a fast, fun, and easy way to learn to code and build cool apps. It's completely free! All you need is a laptop and access to the internet.

    My code base is available to all kids so that they can enhance KidzIdeaz or use it to build their own apps.“

    Nathaniel, 14 years old

Our Mission

Making computer science cool



Learn by doing

Unlike summer coding classes or coding-using-blocks, our new approach enables you to learn professional coding at home. Start writing code immediately and quickly contribute to live applications. Get access to information and mentors to help you along the way.



Code like you are texting

Have fun building apps with other kids located anywhere on the planet. Make changes to your code and everyone instantly sees your changes appear on their screen. Save your code and your application immediately gets rebuilt and available for use.



Code anywhere, anytime

All you need is a computer (even a Chromebook will do) and internet access in order to begin coding. Setting up your free cloud server literally takes one click. Work on your code from any computer and from anywhere - home, school, cafe or the beach.

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Learning is collaborative and continuous
LEARN the 'how'
At KidzIdeazTECH, learning is fun. Instead of long classes and meaningless exercises, you work on a set of challenges to modify or improve KidzIdeaz, a live website being used by thousands of kids across the globe. Each challenge has links to articles and information sites to make learning quick and easy. And if you still need help just reach out to other kids and mentors to get quick answers. Whether it is setting a background color or creating a phone app, you can quickly find the information you need.
CODE what you learn
Use the cool interactive tools we provide to modify the application and see your results immediately. Instead of working alone you can work interactively with your friends or kids located anywhere across the globe.
SHARE your experience
Sharing is how we learn and so you will be expected to mentor other kids, update the knowledge base with new information or share your experiences and ideas via a blog.



different leagues to choose from

Each league has different learning opportunities and exercises

Pick the league that matches your knowledge and skills

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Ask a Mentor

You never have to struggle with a coding problem. With the click of a button you have instant access to an AI-backed support system that can help you solve your problem and connect you to mentors.


At KidzIdeazTECH, you work as part of a team. You discuss ideas, brainstorm, and collaborate in real time to build your application, the same way you would at a software company.


KidzIdeazTECH has a built in chat system which makes collaborating with your friends and team members easy. With extra features like emoji, polls, stickers, and more, working together is fun!

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Publish your apps at no cost.
Use the marketplace to showcase your apps for the web, and almost any mobile platform*. Other kids or adults can download and use your app.
Sell or donate your apps
You can sell your app and either keep the earnings or give them to a charity. You can offer your app for free.
Win prizes
Every month you are eligible to win one of many prizes such as most popular apps of the month, best educational app, etc. Kids that regularly create apps can find sponsors to fund their developer license and help to get their app on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.
Supported platforms are: Web, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Ubuntu Phone, LG WebOS, and FireOS. For a list of what features and sensors are supported click here
Apple does not allow downloading apps for iOS devices from anywhere other then the iTunes App Store, therefore we cannot publish apps for iOS on the Marketplace
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Team Programming Competition
KidzHackz is a team competition to match your coding skills against other kids. Whether you are an expert or have newly acquired skills show off your CS expertise by competing in a KidzHackz near you. It is held on a local, state, national, and international level.
Get Recognition
KidzHackz is a great way for you and your friends to get recognized for your team's talent in software programming.
Driven By Community
Local KidzHackz competitions are organized by a community member or institution such as a school, teacher, or parent.
Create a team of fellow programmers to compete at a KidzHacks competition near you!
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KidzIdeazTECH and STEM

The primary objective of KidzIdeazTECH is to ensure that while you are having fun learning to code, you are also receiving a well-rounded education in computer science. All our activities, exercises, and projects are designed to provide coverage of computer science concepts, from basic to advanced topics.

Using the KidzIdeazTECH curriculum, you can easily track the progress of your journey through the world of computer science. To ensure that it's not just fun and games you are expected to complete the necessary curriculum in your league in order to progress to the next league.
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KidzIdeazTECH Community

The Community represents the basis for how you learn at KidzIdeazTECH . Everything at KidzIdeazTECH is free, whether it is servers, webinars or training sessions. As a member of KidzIdeazTECH, you are expected to contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge and experiences with other members. The large community is the basis of a new form of incremental self-learning through collaboration and discovery. Besides the community, you will also have access to knowledge from thought leaders and experts in the industry.
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The Kids of KidzIdeazTECH

The Kids (at heart) of KidzIdeazTECH


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KidzIdeazTECH is, and always will be, free for anyone under 18.

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